A Man Who Can’t Run A State Wants To Be President- JS Okutepa SAN .

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Sometimes I wonder what kind of country we have.Those who have nothing to offer are the very ones being promoted and projected far and above those who are endowed with character and knowledge to lead.

The other day I read that a governor who has no ideas of what governance is, is or claims to be under pressures to seek to run for the office of the President of Nigeria in 2023.

When I saw it I lost hope in Nigeria. In a sane and normal climes he and other people who are lording over us should be in both legal and political asylum.
But here we celebrate evils over good. We defend wrongs and give it baptismal name of right.

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Even the institutions that have the duties and responsibilities to pick the very best pick people of questionable character as members and nobody can complain or challenge it.

How I wished Nigeria can get it right for once. We are in 2020 yet people who have nothing to show other than abject poverty under them want to be president of Nigeria.Who do us these things. We are in the mist of water yet too thirsty.

God help us.

JS Okutepa SAN

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