2023 Presidency: The Need To Give North Central A Chance To Rule Nigeria

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Since independence and indeed since the inception of Nigeria in 1914, the zoning system has never favoured the ethnic minorities like the Itsekiris, Urhobos, Ebiras, Beroms, Tivs and others.

Beyond the Northern heavyweights that have stamped their foot in the sand of time as undisputed kingmakers, taking into consideration that politics remains a game of numbers, it remains what it is; a tall dream, yet a necessary one – that the minorities like the North Central should be represented at the top political level of Nigeria.

When Goodluck Jonathan managed to clinch power riding on the misfortune of Umaru Yaradua, we witnessed a paradigm shift in the pattern of Nigeria’s political presidency.

Beyond the need for political correctness, it is indeed a miracle- a sad one that the North Central zone which has the highest ethnic mix, has never had the opportunity to represent the country at the top level.

The hope of the Northern minorities, that comprise the North Central and its parts, to ever have the opportunity to contribute to governance in Nigeria as a nation couldn’t have been more likely now that States like Kogi, for example have churned out leaders who over the last few years have displayed dogged and fashionable attitude to polity.

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With the menace of recycling leaders who time without numbers have proved bereft of fresh ideas that could drive Nigeria forward to her desired height, 2023 remains a pivotal part of Nigeria history, politically.

In focus, the next (2023) election would have Nigeria choosing between good governance and towing the old lines of yesterdays which regrettably is yet to serve the nation any good since independence.

The is beyond the case of the angel we don’t know and the devil we have lived with all our lives, it is more a question of what Nigerians would get by forsaking the old ways and embracing a new one.

What possible loss could there be for a Nation like Nigeria, to try new things, being a state that has suffered political brutalization by its inefficient drivers that has remains undisputed frontiers, thanks to zoning and the power of numbers.

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There is no need opining that Nigerians are tired of recycling leaders or the misfortune associated with the stagnancy of our political system that makes it almost impossible for well refined leaders to find their way to the top outside of the popular means of godfatherism.

Yet, Nigeria need a vibrant leader with the modern political acumen of an Obama.

Governor Yahaya Bello has defied odds to rise from the ashes of grassroots politics to climb to the highest seat in the state in such a short time. His doggedness and political astuteness is second to none and as Kogi and her blessed indigenes continue to enjoy effective representation in the state, its no surprise that the pressure on the indefatigable governor to run in the next election remains high.

A leader well versed in modern policies, vast experienced and well exposed in international level remains something that has eluded Nigeria in recent years.

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With the world fast changing, the only way Nigeria could remain abreast is by being in the hand of a highly flexible leader whose idea of modern policies is well refined.

Nigeria could never go wrong with a candidate like esteemed Governor, Yahaya Bello and it’s not even a gamble when you carefully peruse his performance as a Governor.

He remains the best candidate the North could muster at this point for the highest political position in the state. His impressive resume in education and his par excellent performance puts him head over shoulder of any candidate running this race with him.

Suffice to say the ball is in the court of Nigerians and as we painfully trek to 2023, the fresh air we so desire could be ours if a man as competent as Governor Bello is given chance to steer this country to greatness.

– Ismail Bello wrote from UAE.

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