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Nigeria Christian Movement (NCM) once again felicitate for your electoral victory for the continuation of new direction given Kogi the best look.

We appreciate your efforts to bring unity in religious, ethnics and clannish differences across the State.

Sir, we are glad to know that as a Muslim,you have the understanding that irrespective of our religion all Kogites are brothers and sisters which give birth to EBIGO via the interview we granted Hon.Teina Abdulmalik and few others appointees who make themselves available with the help of Hon.Teina Abdulmalik to speak on behalf of you and educated us your further plan for the Christian that gives us the spirit to come out in masses and vote in your reelection after others appointees turn themselves to be small gods and efforts to see them prove abortive

His excellency sir,we are crying to you and feel betray having discovered that there some religious fanatics trying to bastardized the effective administration structure you have put in place for the past four (4) years which the previous government couldn’t achieved drumming a band of segregation with a them"Christian cannot rule in State down to the grass root level"but failed to understand the wonderful role we have been playing to support Muslim brothers spiritually, financially, materially,physically etc to lead in this State especially for the success of the last election

We use this mediums to call on the attention of his excellency to estipulate the continuation of his good work to fetch out the disloyal leaders who are trying to destroy the good work of the party and the coexistence peace of the State we have been enjoying for the past four (4) years via religion in the name of promoting the party and the State

Sir, by Biblical word of revelation people perished for lack of information with this vital information we appeal to you to make sure such disloyal leaders are not be reappointed or supported for any political ambitions in state down to local level if you must tread great come 2023/24 as we the Christian take to our feet in one voice and baptism. We also appeal to you for the consideration of Christian in your next appointment as we are left out in all previous empowerment and appointment most the Christian at the central.


Sir,we will be force to storm the stage and come out in the name of our God to redeem ourselves for marginalization of we Christian in Kogi State and withdrew our voting right for the leaders who will understand us been a Christian or Muslim brother

To avert this,we demand for our birth right to be honor as the sons and daughters of the soil from the State level to the grass root.



The Kogi State Secretary
Com .Isah Samuel

The Kogi State Chairman
Pst. Com. Elyzian Mathew

The National President
Apostle Dr. Isezuo. A. Emmanuel

Contact Address
No 21,1000 units Kuje F.C.T Abuja
Contact Number

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