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suicide with snipper

This 2 Years Old Boy Died In School Drinking Snipper in Lokoja; See Full Story

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On June 13, 2019 a 2 years old boy died in the school after drinking snipper.

According to the staff of the school. The snipper was kept in a bobo container by some corpers. When the boy saw the container he went and drank thinking it was bobo inside the container. the question is what is snipper doing in a school inside bobo container?

Some staff discovered that it was snipper the boy took when he came to them and shouting pepper pepper.despite every atempt to restore him,he still died.

The boy’s Name is Flourish Simeon ekwuojo gospel he is the only son of Mr. Simeon ekwuojo and his wife both of them live together at back of 500 units Lokoja.

The mother of the deceased is a staff of the school (Hill Light) were the incident happened. force men went to the school for interrogations but could not find the corpers. When they tried to reach the owner of the school through calls he did not pick. Also Read: A Medical student of Niger Delta University Committed Suicide Again After an Unfavorable Second MB Result Read:

The Father of the deceased travel for an appointment when he heard the news that the boy he left home fine is dead, he rushed down to Lokoja immediately and the boy was burried.


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