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Engr Musa Wada: Bello 2nd Term Inauguration, Shouldn’t Be Like A Secret Society Affair In Kogi ,Says Second Term Is Temporarily

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PDP Governorship candidate in the last November 16 election in Kogi, Engr Musa Wada has described the occasion like a secret birthday where attendance was strictly on invitation.

PDP candidate said today’s Inauguration fell short of expectations as ordinarily such an occasion calls for celebration and merry making,where people of different creed, religion and extraction grace from all walks of life.

“Ordinarily, swearing in ceremony calls for celebration, agog where both deformed, deaf and dumb good people, healthy people, VIP’s, everybody should come together for massive celebration, but Bello own is now a secret affairs to celebrate murder of innocent people that was executed on November 16”
According to Engineer Wada ,what happened today is an indication that the forceful and temporary return of Yahaya Bello to the leadership of the state,will soon be reversed at the appropriate time.

He pleaded with the majority of the people of the state not to take laws into their hands,as it is already to the public knowledge that PDP is seeking the reverse of the charade call election held on November 16.

Wada assured the people of the state,that Kogi must be returned to the path of glory, where they will be seamless working of goverrment activities and obligations without sycophancy and political undertone.

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