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Going to school was not a funny experience to me especially when I was in Secondary School. A son of a pesant farmer and a hunter in a remote village will surely not find it rosy paying for a whopping sum of fifty naira (N50) as school fees per term in early 80s.

The actual tution fee was N40 while N10 goes for PTA. My father will sell most of his farm produce to pay the tuition fee (N40) and I will still be sent out of school for the balance of N10 especially when Exams is approaching. This trend affected my performance in no small measure then.

Fear to continue my academic career came when our WAEC fee was announced. We were asked to pay the sum of two hundred and eighty naira(N280)……….I wish Hon. Leke Abejide was my Rep member then who knows, the tubers of Yams and Cassavas lost to paying for my WEAC fees might have been used to improve the standard of living in my family.

This is not about Tunde Usman growing up but a man called Elder Leke Abejide popularly referred to as Elder Leke or “Oko Opo”(husband to widows).

This political enigma needs no introduction in Yagba federal constituency and Kogi State at large. He is the Asiwaju of Alu and the present Honourable Member representing Yagba federal constituency at Green Chamber of National Assembly.

The most difficult task I hate doing is praise-singing Nigeria politicians in my write up but lately, Zulum and Elder Leke Abejide are two of a kind one must encouraged.


Hon. Leke Abejide is the only hope of any common man in Kogi State right now. He is showing the dumb-heads masquerading as our political leaders that good governance is not a rocket science but been selfless and sensitive to the plight of the electorates makes a good leader.

There are lots of life-touching projects he embarked on before becoming House of Rep. Member and to the chagrin of the doubting Thomases, He is doing more of those projects from his pocket.


Hon. Elder Leke Abejide just paid the sum of 72 million naira for all SS3 Students across the three Local Government Area of Yagba federal constituency getting set to write the next West African Examinations Exams coming up later this year.

This same sum of money in the hand of our Nollywood brother and our former “sinnator” would have been a deposit for another automobile to be displayed on his Instagram page soon.

Nigeria electorates are not blind, they know and can differentiate between a true representative at any level of government and a blockhead that is out to fill his/her insatiable ego with our common patrimony.

Hon. Elder Leke Abejide, time will not permit me to roll out all your life-touching projects but be rest assured that our parents are praying for you, our brothers and sisters in Yagba federal constituency and beyond are praying for you, God Almighty is blessing you already and HE will continue to bless you and your family.

People of Kogi West Senatorial District are gossiping you right now. They are really discussing you.

May God spare our lives. Enough of noise-making in the Red Chambers of National Assembly. We need actions and results.


May God bless you for your good heart.

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