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The Lonely Edward Onoja,Then Powerful CoS By Usman Okai Austin

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The man than who once bragged and always called Kogi State Governor his own twin brother and Siamese twin all through Bello’s 1st term in office; the “almighty” Chief of Staff who was not just as powerful as the governor but was a de facto governor is today completely dazed in the government.

This man with an evil heart filled with personal hatred for both the young and the elderly in his senatorial district, who suppressed and held the entire Kogi east down for four years, who ensured nobody shines politically apart from him alone for the governor to see, now is now detached from his acclaimed Siamese twin brother and now walks alone.

The Igalas who are the most populated tribe in Kogi state, all through Bello’s first tenure, had only a single individual who had direct access to the governor, and that was the then almighty and powerful Edward Onoja. During that period, no one from Igalaland dare talk, sell ideas, nor express concerns to Kogi state governor directly without the almighty Edward’s approval. He reduced our traditional rulers to mere political area boys. He called himself CEDO and made his opinion superior to that of any other person in Bello’s first term in office.

Edward Onoja shamelessly framed up even his subordinates, assassinated their characters before the governor to have them suspended or sacked. In other words, Edward Onoja made sure all those with contrary opinions are mercilessly dealt with either by suspension or sack. The former deputy governor, Elder Simon Achuba said: “He has this Chief of Staff who wielded more power than him around him, he wanted my office and he is doing everything to have me removed from office”.

Edward Onoja, the former Chief of staff who called the executive governor his own twins brother, misled Yahaya Bello and manipulated his way to have all he wanted in Bello’s first term. But unfortunately, no single project was completed and commissioned in Kogi east where he hails from. Even the Ajaokuta — Itobe road, though a federal road which was always fixed by previous administrations and refunds made by the federal government back to his boss, could not be temporarily fixed under his watch as Kogi’s defacto governor.

Despite his overwhelming influence on Bello as at then, he failed to do anything on that road.


So many people including the Ebira people shouted and cried that for Bello to make any positive impact, the excesses of the former Chief of staff must be checked and his influence reduced and cut down to size. Today, to the glory of God, that is already happening.

Edward Onoja is today soaked in the wilderness of loneliness in governor Bello’s second term in office. Political office holders no longer pledge allegiance to him as usual. Commissioners now avoid his office. His loyalists have shifted their loyalty to the new cabal.


They no longer flock around him like before. This is not happening because he is no longer the Chief of Staff. It is nemesis, karma at work.

Edward Onoja, who was the de facto governor of Kogi State and most powerful man in Lugard House who oversaw the activities of government of Kogi State from January 2016 — October 2019 with iron hand is now weak and frail.

The man who threatened whoever opposed with court cases, incarceration, and death is today reaping from where he sowed. All thanks to karma.

Edward Onoja was self-imposed political leader of Igalaland. He singlehandedly chose and approved all those who must get positions in government from Commissioners to Local Government Administrators down to the least appointees.

Today, the power drunk former COS has faded into oblivion
Edward whose inordinate ambition deprived Igala of two powerful position in Yahaya Bello administration is now cries that he is being pulled down. Assuming Edward remained COS today, Kogi east would have had another Igala man as deputy.

He sees governance as an opportunity for him to trample on every other person. He created division by accusing Igala-Ogba district of discriminating against the people of Ogugu and Ibaji. His joy is to have everyone bow before him. You either bow to Edward Onoja or be treated as enemy. A Chief of Staff became so arrogant with a demonic stony heart, treating people like slaves. Judgement day has come.


If judgement of God befall humanbeings so fast and so easily,it behoves on mortals to keep calm on God from any human activities ,so as to serve as deterent to others .

Usman Okai Austin
Written From Abuja.

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