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EGUME IN DEKINA LOCAL GOVERNMENT Siege on Farms, Who will Stand By the Egume Farmers – Usman Okai Austin.

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The farmers in the Egume community are living in secret suffocating with nobody to air out their grievances and experience.

Fulani herdsmen now scaring the farmer from farms and directly stealing their farm produce, driven them from farms with the AK47 with community leader not able to report this ugly incident to the appropriate authority for reason best known to them.

Fulani herders in Egume now selling Cashew nut without owning Cashew farms and now selling Cassava in the market without farming Cassava, the development that is suffocating innocent farmers in Egume.

“They chased us from our farms with their guns and they take over everything we have , for over a week now, some of us can’t get closer to our farms because of the Fulani attack” the farmers lament the inability of cashew business men to identify Fulani from igala farmers”.

One of the affected farmers appeal to the media outlets to inform Cashew Buyers Association to stop buying Cashew NUTS from the Fulani herders as that will further fuel the ongoing siege on various farms.

It’s also imperatives for the local government authority and state government to work harder and end this menace before its escalate to something else, the Attah of Igala the Gabaidu can as well play a very vital roles here by summoning the leaders of Fulani in the various community around the Egume to nip in the bud.


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