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The Traditional Zoning System in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State:

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An Open Letter to Governor Yahaya Bello

_By Ijumu Peace Movement_

Your Excellency Sir,
After another election under our free, democratic form of government, the good people of the State have toted to continue you in office. We, therefore, offer to add, most sincerely, our collective voice to the chorus of felicitations upon your resounding victory at the polls on Saturday, 16th November, 2019 gubernatorial election.

This tower of victory was, in part, essentially engendered by the fact that, during the said November 16th election, the good people of Ijumu trooped out to vote for you massively in anticipation of your good gesture in helping us to foster peace and unity in our local government by allowing the Chairmanship position to come from the right district.

Sir, your reelection back into office was, and still is, an inspiring manifestation of your sterling records of administrative responsibility and the high esteem in which you are held, for you are, in every sense, an outstanding leader of men and an ideal administrator. We are thus happy to be included among your friends, admirers and supporters.

We also join with your umpteen friends and supporters in renewed assurances of our own high regard and pray that God grant you the years and health to pursue your arduous responsibilities.


May we also have the benefits of your good health, happiness and fruitful leadership for the years ahead.

Your Excellency, Sir, having offered our most sincere congratulatory messages, we want to align our discussion in this open letter with a Yoruba adage which says: “IGI GANGANO MAGUNMI LOJU OKERE LATINYE”, which is literally translated to mean that “It is from a far that we begin to avert a sharp object that is capable of damaging one’s eyes”.


This adage is in respect of the lingering issues concerning the Chairmanship position in Ijumu Local Government Area of the State.

This is the reason for which this open letter letter to your good office is necessitated in order to intimate Your Excellency of our extant zoning system in Ijumu Local Government Area of the State.

First and foremost, sir, our Local Government Area is known to be the most organised local governments in Kogi West as a result of a transparent
rotational arrangement of all the social and traditional leadership positions.

For instance, the following leadership positions have been in existence and are well established in Ijumu:

1. The Olujumu of Ijumu Kingship
2. The Membership of State House of Assembly
3. Council Chairmanship
4. Council Education Secretary
5. Council Treasurership
6. The Leadership of Ijumu Development Movement
7. The Leadership of Ijumu Students’ Union, and so on and so forth.

Your Excellency, Sir, it was actually destiny that amalgamated and categorised us into three districts in Ijumu province with each district functioning as an Area Council, namely:


1. Ijumu Gbede (5 Wards)
2. Ijumu Arin. (4 Wards)
3. Ijumu Oke. (6 Wards) However, the centre of emphasis, in the context of this open letter, relates to the Council Chairmanship.

Your Excellency, Sir, no serious-minded person has ever attempted to contest against its established rotational principle, as reflected in the traceable records below:

*Chronicle of Chairmanship Positions in Ijumu Local Government Council*
1. Hon. Abiodun Ojo *(Ijumu Oke)* Under Zero Party
2. Hon. S.M. Ologe *(Ijumu Gbedde)* Under UNCP
3. Hon. Molomo Owonuwa
*(Ijumu Arin)1998-2001* Under PDP
4. Hon. Fehinti Dada
*(Ijumu Oke)2004-2007* Under PDP
5. Hon. J. O. Owotogbe (PDP) *(IjumuGbedde)2008-2011* Under PDP
6. Hon. Remi Odutola (PDP)
*(Ijumu Arin)2013-2016* Under PDP
7. *IJUMU OKE* is next to produce Ijumu Chairman, which will also be under APC.

It should be noted, Your Excellency, sir, that this rotational arrangement has never been practically followed on the ground of either political party or gender affiliation but rather on a strict adherence to the principle of equity, fairness, equality and peaceful coexistence within the three districts that make up Ijumu as a Local Government.

Your Excellency, sir, there is an on-going heated argument by those who aspire to take the advantage of the opportunity given to them at the expense of the existing unity and orderliness of Ijumu through clannish smear that Senatorial seat is from Ijumu Arin and that, Member House of Assembly is from Ijumu Oke and Gbede cannot and should not be left out with nothing in this leadership agitation.

In other words, Ijumu, as a local government, has the sole responsibility to elect representatives for the two elective positions which Ijumu Gbede successfully had their shots by producing the two position before it went to Ijumu Arin and, as it stands today, Hon. Remi Odutola, the immediate past Chairman,:and Hon. Adewale Omofaiye, who just left the Kogi State House of Assembly, are both from Ijumu Arin.

It would not be then out of place for the Chairmanship position to go to the rightful place for peace and justice you represent to come to being sir.

In this respect, Your Excellency, sir, we would consequently like to bring to your notice the strands of political offices between the years 2015 and 2019 on how Ijumu Oke has been marginalised in the face of their hardened loyalty to your government despite having six out of fifteen wards.

Ijumu Gbede

*Commissioner of Education, which Later Became for Commerce and Industry*
Ijumu Gbede

*SSA on Planning and Administration*
Ijumu Gbede

*Deputy Chief Of Staff to GYB*
Ijumu Gbede

Ijumu Gbede

*Special Adviser, Culture and Tourism*
Ijumu Arin

*SSA Internally Generated Revenues*
Ijumu Arin

*SSA Intra-Party, Kogi West*
Ijumu Oke.

*Director of Protocols, Government House*
Ijumu Gbede

*Supervisory Councillors*
Ijumu Gbede 2
Ijumu Arin 2
Ijumu Oke 1

*Local Government Secretary*
Ijumu Arin

*Special Advisers to the Administrators*
Out of 21 offices, only 3 featured from Ijumu Oke.

*APC Chairman*
Ijumu Arin

*Chairman Elders Advisory Council*
Ijumu Oke

Your Excellency, sir, Senatorial seat is not an affair that can be determined by Ijumu alone.

We want to, therefore, remind Your Excellency that the two elective positions, which Ijumu, as a Local Government Area, is keen about for fairness and peaceful coexistence among its people, are the “Chairmanship and the State House of Assembly”.

Meanwhile, Ijumu Oke District has fanatical GYB loyalists and they are eminently qualified to hold whatever position(s) in Kogi State at large and in Ijumu Local Government Area, in particular. We hope that your tenure will be happy and healthful as the people of this State are fortunate to have reelected you back into office as their responsible governor and representative.

Your liberal and humane outlook on the yearnings, problems and aspirations of our people and times, your courage and ability to react positively about them, assures a meaningful and successful administration.

Once again, sir, accept our hearty and unalloyed congratulations and may you continue to receive ever greater rewards and recognition.

Thank you.

President, Abdur-Rasheed Olayiwola AYUBA, Ayetoro Gbede.

Hon. Idowu Amos
Ekinrin Adde

Pius Obahunlewo
Ogidi Ella.

*His Excellency. Chief Edward David Onoja (CIK)*
Kogi State Deputy Governor.

*Abdullahi Bello (Dollar)*
Chairman All Progressive Congress

*Distinguished Sen Smart Adeyemi (CON)*
Senator Representing Kogi West Senatorial Constituency

*Pharm Jamiu Abdul Kareem Asuku*
Chief of Staff To His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello.

*Rt Hon. Mathew Kolawole*
Speaker Kogi State House of Assembly

*Dr Ayoade Arike Folashade*
Kogi State SSG

*Navy Commander Jerry Omodara Rtd.*
Security Adviser To Gov Yahaya Bello.

*Hon. Asiwaju Ashiru Idris*
Special Adviser To Kogi State Governor On Finance, Budgets And Economic Planning

*Engineer Abubakar Ohere*
SA On Local Government And Chieftaincy Affairs

*Hon. Kingsley Fanwo*
S A To Gov. Yahaya Bello On Information, Communication And Strategy

*Hon. Kilani Olumo*
Member Representing Ijumu State Constituency in KHS.

*Hon. Taufiq Aliu Isa* .
Irawo Oni of Yoruba Land And Administrator Ijumu Local Government Council

*His Royal Majesty Oba. Williams Olusegun Ayeni*

The Olujumu of Ijumu Kingdom
*Chief S. B Abejide*
Chairman (APC) Ijumu

*Mr Julius Taye Atibioke*
President Ijumu Development Movement

*Comrade Balogun Rachael Mojisola*
President Ijumu Students Union

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