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Disregard Rumour Making Rounds Of Crack In Relationship With My Boss – Edward Onoja

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Kogi State Deputy Governor, Chief Edward David Onoja has called on the people to disregard the rumour making the rounds that there was a crack in the robust relationship he enjoys with his boss, Governor Yahaya Bello.

Chief Onoja made this known on Thursday when he granted audience to members of Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) in his office in Lokoja, the state capital.

His precise words:
“Let’s not always believe what we hear. You’re in the political circle, you know there can’t be an issue between me and my boss, because he is a loving boss and he has continued to show it, again and again. Except you’re the devil, you can’t fight someone who loves you.

Believe nothing, he has set a foundation on how people should relate with one another in Kogi State and Nigeria should learn from Kogi State. That was the spirit of our founding fathers that was adulterated along the line.”

On the preparedness of the present administration to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people, he said: “I’m sure from the very first day, His Excellency and myself were sworn-in, the nation and the state in particular got the message, that the Governor has no time to waste, thereby announcing those who will serve as commissioners in his cabinet who are already everywhere working almost immediately.”

“Some people are currently on suspension because of revenue leakages that the government generates but doesn’t have records of. This is to tell you, that the slogan, “we come in peace, but we mean business” is a serious slogan.


“On security you can see his effort. The issue of salary that was a top burner, I am sure, it is no longer an issue for discussion.

It simply meant that HIs Excellency was laying a reformed system that will guarantee that the system works perfectly as should be and the people are already enjoying that.


On the recent INEC deregistration of seventy four (74) political parties in the country, the Deputy Governor has this to say: “The changes in IPAC and INEC to me is a welcome development, because over 90 percent of the political parties are not seen to be impactful, each chapter needs to get their act together. Some have even argued that the parties should be reduced to an ideal number of five (5).

The Deputy Governor expressed optimism that with the readiness of the government, and with God on their side, they were ready to meet the people’s expectations, and thanked all the key players in the last election for roles played that culminated in their victory at the poll.

“Those who were positive actors I thank you. Those who were also negative actors, I equally thank you, since you can’t have everyone on your side. Election and politicking are over, now is time for governance,” Chief Onoja added.

Earlier, the State Chairman of IPAC, Hon Iliyas Babanga who described the Deputy Governor as focussed and dogged, added that they were in his office to felicitate with him on their recent successful inauguration.

“We have come to greet you and appraise your role in the last election. Your effort in the election made us achieved this result. We are working shoulder high now, because we are part of the victory.”

Hon Babanga thanked the government for the ongoing review of workers salary and the proactive measure put in place to address the issue of cultism in higher institutions in the state.


He also expressed gratitude to the Deputy Governor on the assistance rendered one of their members, Mr Mohammed Ibrahim Dangana whose wife was in a critical condition at a time in the hospital.

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