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It is no longer news that the speaker of kogi state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Mathew Kolawole is leaving no stone unturned at ensuring he delivers a suspected killer of the highly revered late Bunu leader, late Chief P.E Olorunnipa.
Report coming from Kabba/Bunu LGA states that Kolawole is hell-bent on forcing the murderer on the good people of his Local Government who has continually pray to be given the right and freedom to determine who becomes their chairman.
The said Kolawole’s candidate is not only unpopular but also a bad-market that only a misguided and thoughtless individuals will support.
Only a crude person will promote such a candidate with reprehensible and dishonorable records all in the name of building structure ahead of 2023 futile aspiration.
The said person cannot even emerge as councilor of his ward due to his disgraceful and terrible record of lies and bloodstain.
Bunu people hasn’t recovered from the assassination of the late Chief Philip Olorunnipa till date and we’ll resist with our last blood any individual who was involved in the gruesome act holding elective offices.
Let it be known that the good people of kabba/Bunu are wise and refined and every move to install a stooge will be vehemently resisted as we are no ready to loose any more soul to hired assassins.
Ibidayin Olorunmonu a native of Ayetoro Kiri writes from Kabba.

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