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Wada Vs Bello: Will Justice Prevail?

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Lack of essential transparency and extensive procedural irregularities distorted the November 16 governorship election in Kogi state. It was more of charade than it ought to be democratic.

Whereas the governor’s performance was appraised below benchmark, and with troubleshooters hegemonizing the cabinet, Yahaya Bello and his party APC covetously garnered 406,222 votes to defeat the main opposition, PDP’s 189,704 votes.

To an ardent follower, there was no magic about Bello being concordantly thrown out of the Lugard house in 2019. With acrimonious songs “Bello must go” been sang everywhere and an outright rejection which trailed APC’s campaign as well as the chronology of election violence, they was no semblance of what was described as landslide victory for him in the last election.

The judgement delivered by the State High Court in Lokoja on Thursday, 27th of February 2020, on the suit file by Abubakar Ibrahim Idris against PDP’s governorship candidate, Engr. Musa Wada was another dazzling garboil. It, to a large compass poised clarity on the subject matter, but not in consonance with public expectations.

Although, my view remains that PDP shot itself on the anus and may not sit aright due to a formidably recycled greedy godfathers whose obituary must be announced from the seat of power, former governor Ibrahim Idris and co, ganged up against the progress of the party and the state at large.

It was obvious from the senatorial election when a more credible candidate was denied the party’s ticket. Ibro and Co, in a cheap display of shenanigans, suggested he seek his mandate via another party just to pave way for Senator Aidoko. They vented unbridled assurance of their support, but alas, he was abandoned on the broadway. Thank God for strategy, synergy and strength.


For posterity sake, the ensuing intra party crisis could have been settled at Ibro’s sitting room if he so wish. In fact, a phone call would have doused every tensions in the interest of the party and the state. But he won’t do that because of his heinous ill-conceived affection for power. I will reserve this for another day.

However, both Eng. Musa Wada and Abubakar will appeal the case – another exciting episodes for subsequent days. But then, isn’t time General Ibrahim Idris wade in and caution his children in the interest of the imminent but a more relevant legal battles between APC and PDP? Should I believe Ibro is working for the ruling party or he is battling his offspring who had suddenly overtaken him as cabal? Would a man who has been in power for 9 years such as Ibro be so greedy? Again, it would make interesting headline as events unfolds.


Meanwhile, the slant that both parties could not convince the court on whether the erupted violence actually carted away with Abubakar’s victory or that Wada validly won the primary raised dust taking cognisant of the fact that the ruling party was thrown into celebratory mood. Hello, could it be that unseen forces from the ruling APC actually influenced the judgement? Only Appeal Court has the answer.

It’s needless reminding both Wadas and Ibros that the upshot of the ongoing legal fracas unlocks another intimidating titanic tussles between the ruling APC and the opposition PDP. Hence, a round table talk which includes captain Idris Wada and Ibrahim Idris, been the heads of the ruling families, would do greater justice.

Back to the central thrust. The said election remains a constitutional coup. It violated chapter IV of the 1999 constitution (as amended), devoured section 127-135 of the electoral act 2010 (as Amended). And where there is a credible electoral body, INEC and its 2019 election act were thrown to the dogs. The international observers have made their stance known, and the world at large aren’t left out.

But the current judiciary is invariably not in conformity. As a matter of reality, it has no business with whatever the world deemed fit or necessary.

Of course, the court verdict which eventually produced Hope Uzodinma as governor of Imo state remains a traumatic exemplary of judicial failure. And that of Bayelsa was simply a step that exonerated INEC from been enmeshed in further legal disrepute.

Well, it is unfortunate the ruling party is yet to see the perks in its eyes, they have resolved to hold every state for the party in view of 2023 and Kogi state may not be left out. But what reckons in the mind of a sane man is the fate of APC after 2023. And it’s appropriate to ask; Will the beefing internal crisis be resolved? Would the president wake up and intervene? Above all, would APC return to power in 2023?


As the saying may have it, a house divided against itself cannot stand. Besides, the above questions are not in Mr. President’s innumerable priorities. Its ideas propagated by pro and anti Oshiomole, as well as the secret ballots between loyalists of perceived Buhari’s successor.

Meanwhile, in a state where the governor is oblivious of people’s plights such as Kogi, where all sectors of the confluence economy are simply an existing corpse- the governor had failed economically, socially and security wise. Yet, he foisted himself on the people. Will justice prevail?

Yahaya Bello is not ready to serve Kogites. He has lost focus, direction and wherewithal. Still best to note, he now politicks instead of the business of governance. He affirmed that the new direction government will meet workers salaries latest 27th. Has February salaries been paid? The new direction government promised to commission 27 projects with General Buhari on ground. Has the president visited, perhaps, are those projects in existence? The answer is on the cyberspace.

The media also fought security predicament on behalf of the governor and he was awarded by a commercialized print media as the most security conscious governor in Nigeria. Today, killing, kidnappings and robbery are usual news Kogites pays little or no attention to because of its rampaging effects.

In short, the new direction government is already a woeful failure, coupled with the fact that the mandate in his care was gotten through bullets. Will Buhari/APC’s judiciary heed the cries of Kogites and save the people from the messianic grip of Emperor Yahaya Bello? I doubt. But only time can be precise.

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