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Osanaiye Francis Oluyori Mourns Exit Of A Mother, Woman Of Virtue, Hajia Hauwau Bello

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I wish to on behalf of the Osanaiye Francis Oluyori Family expressed our deepest condolences on the death of Hajia Hauwau Bello, whose death occurred today.

Your Excellency, the death of Mama, is shocking and coming as a surprise because it was the least of news that I ever hope for in the recent time.

Your Excellency, while we mourn the passing away of our matrach, a complete mother and hope of the hopeless, I’m however consoled by the legacies left behind by Mama.
Your Excellency, we give God the glory for you, an offspring of Mama, who has been a blessing to the people of Kogi State. Your indelible footprints in the positive repositioning of our dear State, is an eloquent testament to the legacies that Mama has left behind.

Mama, while we would mourn Mama’s passing away, I’m consoled that she would make heaven, having touched lives in positive ways while she sojourn this world.

Your Excellency, Accept my deepest condolences
Osanaiye Francis Oluyori

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