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25th July,2019.

By:Prof Femi

First and foremost I want to commend your efforts as the National working committee chairman of the All progressive Congress of our party and all the successes recorded under your leadership in all ramifications.

The motive of my open letter is anchored on the reasons why the party should still stand with the indirect primary for the APC primary election that has been slated for 29th of August,2019.

It gets to my notice and the notification of all progressive minded stalwarts and bigwigs of APC that, some set of people are making some unhealthy move to cause mayhem and brouhaha within the Party to sabotage the efforts of the committee who has approved the indirect primary for the forthcoming exercise.


It is worth calling that, the Same indirect primary was used during the National and the state Assembly primary election and which is the best method for the state and this recorded alot of success as out of the 25 state house of Assembly GYB won it for the party also out of the 9 house of Representatives 7 was won for the party and that of Kabba bunu/Ijumu federal Constituency in person of Hon Wemi Jones will Join soon and out of the 3 senatorial seats 2 was won for the party as that of Kogi West Senatorial district in person of Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON)to Join soon as they are presently at the tribunal to reclaim their stolen mandate

My question is that, would it be healthy to change the method that have recorded alot of success in the last primary election which has led to a monumental breakthrough in the general election?


why was there no complain on the mode of primary election in the last election?

The people that decided to use the same method are the real party stalwarts and have acted within the confine and ambit of the APC constitution which gives the power to the state party stalwarts to choose the method and submit it to the National working committee for approval which they have done.

Those clamouring that they want direct primary should be asked the following questions;

1.Where were they when the Party used the same method to pick all the state and National Assembly candidates and also clinch to Victory in the last general election?

2. Did APC won in their respective local units, wards and local governments in the last Presidential and National Assembly Election?

3. What has been their contributions to the success of APC in Kogi state?


It is very Paramount and sacrosanct to state unequivocally that those aspirants clamouring for direct primary are not well grounded at the grassroots and they were no where to be found when GYB was building up the state

In their respective polling units, they worked for PDP and ADC in the last election,yet APC won gallantly because they are only good at media blackmail not grassroot mobilization.
While his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi state the APC Stalwarts and bigwigs worked tremendously for the party which gave the state credit of the highest votes in the North Geo Political Zone
first of it’s kind GYB delivered 25 house of Assembly to APC in such a landslide margins that,some of those who came second were discouraged from going to court

Who is to decide the mode of primary election, them or N W C?

From all indication and reliable source, those clamouring for Direct Primary are acclaimed A P C members but with Anti APC objective.

It is an open secret that, PDPs and ADCs know that, the one and the only Candidate of popular voice that can lead APC to victory is GYB,so, they connived together to sponsor a protest against your decision,so that, according to them, reversal of the decisions will cause fracture in APC which will consequently be at their advantage

Sir, in 2015, our party passed through vigorous processes to take over the state from PDP after 16 years of control.
I wish to make it known to you sir, GYB doesn’t play politics of godfather (if only they are among the godfather) at the expense of the masses.
So, this is the issue he has with them summarily.

Those that are campaigning and posting the pictures of the candidates clamouring for direct primary are not true APC but a Political prostitute in APC but sponsored by the number one opposition and ADC.

I wish to state that, from all enquires and the information reaching me, the protesters have ulterior and draconian agenda against the APC as a Party and they have been employing different methods just to give negative impression about the people’s Governor, GYB.
Though perpetual failure will continue to be their portion

On 18th of July,2019 was historical as world Bank commended GYB led administration for his giant stride on revamping economy, prudent and Judicious use of the state resouces.what a testimony for transparent and accountable government!

I want to urge you and your highly esteemed members to remain resolute on the indirect primary,if and if only internal Political upheaval and woeful failure comes November 16th Gubernatorial Election are to be avoided

Thanks in anticipation.

Prof Femi A.
An APC Stalwart Kogi west Senatorial District.

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