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Covid19: Kogi Workers Groans Over Hardship Of Restrictions, Appeals For Payment Of Salaries

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Following the stay at home order for civil servants to work from home, Kogi workers are now groaning of hunger following the hardship caused by covid19, making workers look forward with optimism to seeing their salary alerts.

Investigation by the Nigerianpost, reveals that following the stay at home order which had witnessed total compliance, the workers are facing hard times.

Presently, Lokoja the state capital is a ghost town as markets, filling stations and major areas that used to be a beehive of activities has been completely shut down.

The situation is worsened with the complete lockdown of the state following the close of all entry points and the stay at home order by the government. This has therefore made life unbearable for most residents particularly the civil servants.

The matter is further made worst particularly that most schools are on holidays thus, most homes now have more mouths to feed, unfortunately the workers are yet to receive their salaries.

Following the news that other States have started paying their workers to cushion the effect of the stay at home order, the state civil servants are also waiting anxiously, most especially that the state has acknowledged the receipt of the last monthly allocation.


Early this week the state commissioner for finance had announced a shortfall in the monthly allocation due to the covid19 outbreak, but assured that it would not stop the payment of salaries which the Government has assured would not exceed the 25th of every month.

Some civil servants who spoke to the Nigerianpost in confidence, are however appealing to the state government to come to their aids and addressed their plight, and release the March salaries to cushion the restrictions.

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