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COVID19: Hunger Bites Hard As Kogi Workers Appeal For Help …… Government Promises To Pay Salaries, Pension Today

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As the stay at home order to prevent the ravaging scourge of Covid 19 by the Kogi State Government enters another week, and with the partial shut down of business activities, the state civil servants seem to be worst hit.

Investigation revealed that many families can no longer feed, with many saying that the effect of the stay at home is worst than the Corona virus, when compared to the hunger it has inflicted on families.

The State Government had promised to make sure that salaries are paid by the 25th of every month a promise they have kept until the present time due to the Covid 19 scourge, which not only affected businesses, but led to a shortfall in the monthly allocation of the state government.

The state government however says it is making frantic efforts to ensure that the Salaries are paid between today and tomorrow, hinged the delay to Technical hitch.

A top Government source assured in a chat with the Nigerianpost that the salaries and pension would be paid before the month comes to an end.

Some of the workers who spoke to the Nigerianpost in confidence say the stay at home order has brought untold hardship, most especially that the March salaries is yet to be paid.


For now kogi State has not recorded any case of the Corona virus, with the state government working round the clock through it Squadron committee to ensure that people stay at home and observe personal hygiene.

The workers and other residents while acknowlaging the need to obey the order, says that palliatives like payment of salaries would go along way in cushioning the effects of the stay at home order.

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