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kogi state news

Kogi Is The Most Consequential State In Nigeria

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Kelvin Emmanuel gives reasons why Kogi state is the most consequential state in Nigeria.

He said: When I hear that Kogi is a civil service state where workers are owed salaries, and suicide with sniper is become a fad, my heart breaks! It reminds me of the place where King Solomon, ‘Woe unto you when your king is a baby, and your princes drink wine in the morning.

Kogi is on my mind because it’s a confluence state. It links 12 states and is the most useful intersection between Southern & Northern Nigeria. Kogi can easily become the most industrialized state with • A seaport • A toll gate that collects fees from inter state vehicles.

Akande also gave her analysis that kogi state has a lot of mineral resources in the state….it just that it is outsiders that are benefiting more from those things. Out of like 40 types that we have in Nigeria, Kogi have around like 32 They just focus so much on politics.

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