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Looters Collapsed Local Governments In Kogi – Tony Ogah

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One of the strong supporters of Kogi State governor and aspirant for chairmanship position in Ibaji Local Government Area, Tony Ogah, has expressed his displeasure to the present status of Local Government Areas in the state, saying “past leaders looted funds meant for the development of people at the grassroots”.

Recall that the state Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, on March 3, approved the dissolution of the administrative teams of the 21 local government areas of the state following the expiration of their tenure and the composition of the State Independent Electoral Commission.

Ogah, in an exclusive interview with our correspondent in Abuja, disclosed that he saw many people in various LGAs suffering from lack of social amenities when he visited the state recently – the situation he said prompted him to make himself available for chairmanship race.

He said, “If you take statistics, do research by yourself about Ibaji local government, you would realise that the local government is really behind in every aspect. We operate schools under the tree, the secretariat is still dilapidated, all because we have had bad leaders.

“I have taken my time to study some statistics, and to find out how much that really comes into the Local Government. The state governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello has been giving them allocations accordingly but these monies are not utilised on the people because these leaders share the money behind closed-doors.”

According to him, various diseases have been ravaging the local areas sequel to lack of necessary amenities before COVID-19.


“Honestly, my local government, Ibaji is behind schedule. In this century, we have no hospital, that means no good healthcare, no education, no ICT centres among other numerous social amenities.

What can we talk about that Ibaji has in this century? Why are those things not available? No toilet in the whole Local Government!


“Let’s discuss maternal mortality rate, the birth rate and death rate. What are the causes of all these including Cholera? Apart from Coronavirus, you know that Cholera is another deadly disease. It is the same place my people defecate that they fetch water to drink, bath and for cooking,” he lamented.

The chairmanship aspirant, however, urged governor of the state to examine his followers, noting that bad followers may drag his clean name in the mud if actions are not taken in that regard.

He added, “However, I am also begging the governor to use this opportunity to checkmate the activities of all his followers.

One thing I have come to realize in politics is that, we have many people talking about leaders, but I disagree, because major problems we have in our society today are with followership. This is because these followers put their interest above their principal’s.

“Governor is not MTN, and he cannot be at all Local Government Areas at the same time. People came to work with him, he has confidence in them, they took an oath of allegiance and oath of office but at end of the day, they do something that will also drag his name into the mud.”

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