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Blackout In Kogi As Rainstorm Destroys 18 Electric Poles, Houses

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The rainstorm that accompanied the heavy downpour experienced in Lokoja, Kogi State capital on Tuesday night has led to the destruction of 18 electric poles and some houses in the city.

Kogi State News visit to some affected areas on Wednesday shows that Lokoja and its suburbs are now in total blackout.

The Public Relation Officer of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), Ifeoma Arudi, told Kogi State News that 18 electric poles have been identified to be damaged by the storm.

She, however, said that technicians of the company were already working on replacing the damaged poles in different locations.

Mrs Arudi said the storm also damaged power installations when uprooted trees and roof tops fell on them.

She said consumers may have to wait until late night or Thursday to have normal electricity supply.


Kogi State News reports that many landlords, shop owners and kiosk operators are now counting their losses following the havoc wreak on their properties by the windstorm.

Rooftops of houses and shops were blown away by the storm which also swept away kiosks in Gaduma, Ganaja and Cali Vision areas and houses within 500 and 200 housing estates.


The windstorm also uprooted trees in some areas of the city.

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