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Yagba West: Why Ogbe Ward Should Produce Next Council Chairman

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The phrase “politics without bitterness” remains one of the strongest philosophical standpoints about politics, the widely held belief that the Nigerian brand of politics cannot be devoid of indecorum and incivility must be firmly rejected by all lovers of peace and humanity.

In the history of Yagba West Local Government, Ogbe Ward has always shown their commitment to His Excellency, Gov Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello. In the last election, over 80% of Ogbe ward voted for APC both in governorship and senatorial elections.

Even before the last election, the good people of Ogbe have always had the belief in the Governor of Kogi state, throwing back to the history when Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello contested for Kogi state Governor in 2015, Ogbe Ward voted massively for Gov Bello in the primary election, he lost but when God is at work never loose hope, after the death of Late Audu, Gov Bello came into power and work tirelessly to make sure the good people of Kogi State are happy which led to his re- election as the Governor of the state.

On this note we are appealing to the Governor of the people, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, on behalf of the people of Ogbe Ward, to please remember and reward Ogbe ward with the position of the next Council Chairman of Yagba West Local Government.

We have capable people which Hon. Ibikunle Idowu, popularly known as Kuli. He is one of the pillars in the ward, he has worked for the party in the ward, local government, state and Nigeria at large.

Ogbe ward has never for once been appointed as caretaker or elected as the Chairman of Yagba West Local Government, we have the strong believe that our Governor has listening ear and he’s a man of integrity.


Lastly, we want to thank our beloved and capable, intelligent and all lover of the people, the man that always want the people of the state to be happy to please remember Ogbe Ward.

– Adedayo Oluwafemi

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