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What you Need to Know About Inachalo River and Oma-odoko in Igala Kingdom

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OMA odoko was the daughter of Atta Idoko the king of igala kingdom who was sacrifice to save his father land during the war between the igala kingdom and jukun kingdom.


once upon the time ! When the prince of jukun kingdom miss his way when hunting and ran into igala kingdom he was their for many month and when he decided to go back to his kingdom, he inform the Atta of Igala and the Atta inform his people that the prince of jukun kingdom wants to return back to his kingdom, the Atta told his people that since the prince has being here for month let appreciate his staying by giving him what everyone has, so the elders of Igala kingdom gather enough foodstuffs for him and excort him down to his kingdom to show their appreciate his staying.


so after few days that the prince returned the elders and the king of jukun kingdom had a meeting said if the Igala people should give them food like this it means their son has farm more than this in Igala kingdom that igala people should give them the remaining food their son farm for them, the prince of jukun told his father that the he should live the Igala alone that their good people their only gave him the foodstuff to appreciate his staying not that he went to farm for them and the king his father refuses to listen to his son and send massage to Atta of Igala that he should return his son remaining farm food

then the Atta was provoke that because we show care to the prince the king of jukun is demand for more, then the Atta ask the elders of Igala kingdom to shit in their calabash and present it to the king of jukun kingdom as what he demand for, so the elders of Igala kingdom went in the night to present the shit to the king of jukun kingdom and return that night to Igala kingdom, so the following morning the king of jukun was so happy and ask his people to bring what Igala people brought yesterday night for them to share,when their brought the calabash all were full of shit and the king of jukun said what an insult then he send massage to Atta of Igala that he should prepare that there’s going to be war that he will collect all his kingdom kill his people and turn then to his slave, then the Atta of Igala kingdom was scared of loosing his kingdom to jukun kingdom the Atta call on the God’s of Igala kingdom and it demand a human sacrifice then the Atta has nothing to do than to inform princess OMA odoko who was later use as the sacrifice demanded by the God’s of Igala kingdom, she was burn alive and her ashes was used to prepared charm that was use in the river called Inachalo, Inachalo is the river the people of Ojuku kingdom will cross to come and fight in Igala kingdom so when their reach the river their was so tired and hungry wanted to drink from the river and eat the fishes wish some of them eat and die, drink the water the water turns to blood because of the charm use on it so the people of jukun return back to their kingdom because their can’t cross the river to come and fight. Ever since then no one drink water that’s from Inachalo or eat the fish because no matter how u cook the fish from that river it will never done it will remain fresh because of the sacrifice and charm use on it. That is End.


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