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Rape Allegation Against Kogi Commissioner And Series Of Unanswered Questions

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Kogi State Commissioner of Water Resources, Abdulmumini Danga has been in the news over rape allegation levelled against him by an ‘innocent’ lady identified as Elizabeth Oyeniyi. Many individuals and groups have used their social media handles and conventional media to condemn the act without full knowledge of what actually transpired.

Elizabeth Oyeniyi in her narrative said when she saw a photo of the commissioner distributing relief materials for Covid-19, she made a post on social media asking him to lend a helping hand to his sister who is her friend.

The lady in a viral video later alleged the Commissioner of raping and forcing her to retract earlier statement on tape. No doubt, rape is a grievous offence and punishable under Nigeria Criminal Code. Also, Governor Yahaya Bello will never condone any act of criminality in his government and he has ordered full investigation of the allegations.

However, the people are calling for suspension of Abdulmumini Danga over allegations yet to be prove in the court or empirically analysed in the court of public opinion. In the past, some people have framed up allegations such as rape to bring political office holders, celebrities and others down.

Therefore, the citizens, human rights advocate, opposition elements and others calling for Danga’s should be patience to allow due process as well as give Police opportunity to investigate the allegations.

Frankly speaking, some people calling for Danga’s suspension and trending the stories are not out to get justice for the innocent but dent image of New Administration in Kogi state. If not, weeks after the viral video nobody is talking about medical report to confirm the rape allegation, CCT Footage of the hotel where the incident reportedly happened, if not imaginary story and other facts that would be useful to get justice in Court.


We must therefore critically analyse the following posers:
What if you eventually find out the Kogi State Commissioner accused of bartering a critic never even touched her?

How will you feel after running negative commentaries based on an alleged rape that never happened?
What if I told you the lady in discourse have refused to go give her statement to the police ever since the police got involved?


Have you seen the Facebook retraction of the lady on the same matter that settled the dispute amicably until Her Excellency the SDP Governorship candidate, Natasha Akpoti deceived the girl into giving fabricated testimonies which they can’t substantiate now?
The case is just about to begin and whoever is culpable must face the full wrath of the law. This is not about the lady neither is it about the commissioner but about throwing mud at GYB even after losing at the polls. Watch out as the drama begins!

– Oyelola Jacob

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