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Marginalisation Of Igala People: An Appeal To Buhari And Gov Bello

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The task of nation building as been long held the responsibility of all and sundry. Indeed, our Constitution is equally emphatic about the need to bring all sections of the country to the collective task of nation building.

In the Constitutional term, this has been regarded as the federal character of the nation.

Realistically, the Constitution realised the various impacts that could be created on our togetherness as a nation if the federal character is not enhanced in our constitutionalism. Beyond the mere entitlement of each State to a position at the federal executive council anchored on the federal character principle is the awareness of democratic principle of the power of the majority.

Hence, in its entirety, federal character should in this instance argued the wisdom of the Constitution to include major ethnic divides in the affairs of the nation. Perhaps as they exist in each State.

The Igala speaking people of Kogi State constitutes about fifty-six percent (56%) of the total population of the State with nearly ten ethnic groups. In other words, Igala people are predominant in the population index of Kogi State.

This creates an obligation to treat the Igala people with diligence and reasonable responsibilities.


Although, few opportunists Igala sons and daughters have sold their wisdom regarding this without thinking the implications to the contrary treatments of the people; this they do so because of their immediate greed and the fear of the known and unknown.

Presently in the State, the Governor of the State is an Ebira, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly an Okun reserving the least positions of influence in Igalas – the deputy Governor as Igala and Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assembly. Worst of this dangerous repositioned of the Igala people is the fact that the Minister produced by the state to the federal level is in another Ebira person.


Without intention to induce ethnic undertone to this ugly reality the Igala people found themselves in the politics of the nation and in particular, remotely began from the State, this discloses high marginalisation and malicious political games against the Igala people although was based on the assistance offered by opportunistic Igalas who are masters of betrayal and traitors especially against their own people.

This article is intended to wit not to go into details as to what informed the injustice against the Igala people by the current administration of Governor Yahaya Bello of the State and equally the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. These two men have their default positions towards the Igala people. Their perceived lack of Igala people supports over time influenced what the people are facing today.

As it stands, the Igala people are estimated to be amongst the top ten ethnic groups of over 250 ethnic groups in the federation and the predominant group in the State. The power of the people as would have been demonstrated in the last Kogi gubernatorial elections was violently prevented with unprecedented killings of our people and violent intimidation by the security agents who ought to have protected them. This is evident with reference to the remark made by the Nigerian police that the presence of fake police during the elections over-powered the force of the government to guarantee free and fair election while INEC was bound to announce the election results by law. The rest might become history.

However, to continue with this treatment against the Igala people might not survive the force of conscience of the people in the long-run. To this, article is concluding with a plead to Kogi State Government and the Federal Government to show a renewed attitude towards the Igala people.

There is no sin that could not be forgiven. And to the Igala sons and daughters who out of selfishness sold the position of their own people, time pays all debts.

– Suleiman Iliasu Idah from Abuja.

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