For My Senate Mandate No Shaking - Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye’s Reelection Replicates N’golo Kante’s Success

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As the much anticipated 2019 Elections gradually wine down both off media & social media, political Analysts are now left with the stories of how some Politicians claimed mandate at gun point, intimidation, Killing, social engineering, thuggery and all forms of political gangsterism.

In this apt write ups, the Writer, Sani Michael Omakoji in his usual satirical method of passing serious message across, he describes Senator Dino Melaye’s victory at the polls as a replica of a successful footballer, N’golo Kante.

Who is N’golo Kante in a jiffy and how has he been successful in his chosen career?

Ngolo Kante In Celebration Mood Like Senator Dino Melaye

Ngolo Kante In Celebration Mood Like Senator Dino Melaye

N’golo Kante, is a France Professional Footballer who helped Leicester City to win English premiership (EPL) in 2015/2016 season and equally crossed over to Chelsea Football Fc of London to replicate same success in 2016/2017 EPL campaign.

Now, how is this success synonymous to Senator Dino Melaye’s Success at the polls?

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For the benefit of those who don’t really know Senator Dino Melaye too well; he is that vocal, rugged, fearless, and charismatic Senator representing the good people of Kogi West.

Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye Representing The Good People Of Kogi West

Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye Representing The Good People Of Kogi West

While skipping the early political life of this sagacious Senator, let me emphasis here that after his first political sojourn into the Lower House in 2007-2011 under the platform of People Democratic Party (PDP), he took a small break and later bounced back in 2015 to join forces with opposition party which earned him senatorial ticket of All Progressive Congress ( APC) in 2015

It may interest you to know that Senator Dino Melaye contested the election and won overwhelmingly against Senator Smart Adeyemi of then Peoples’ Democratic Party.

As the wind of political change mantra shook the air at the time, many people then described the victory of Senator Dino Melaye as “Buhari’s change mantra tsunami”.

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As ‘fate’ will have it, Senator Dino Melaye made an indelible marks at the hallow Chambers as he was repeatedly recognized as the best Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

However, as a man who believes in justice and fairness, things began to fall apart between him and his party caucus as their style of governance became alien and anti people policies.

Dishearteningly, his disenchantment with his party subjected him to all manners of attack down to his bedroom.

Consequently, he crossed over again to PDP and his political challenger, Smart Adeyemi crossed over to APC with both of them vying for same senatorial seat again.

Here come again the story of N’golo Kante as I ramp up the write up; Do you know that Senator Dino Melaye contested against Senator Smart Adeyemi and won him
again in 2019 election?

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Yes! Senator Dino Melaye won Senator Smart Adeyemi on two different occasions with two different parties ( APC & PDP) like N’golo Kante who won EPL with both Leicester City of London and Chelsea Fc Football Club of same London.

Like Senator Dino Melaye , like N’golo Kante you may postulate.

Although, politics is one unpredictable game one cannot be really certain about the outcomes as the projection especially in this part of the world could be largely affected by factors like: violence, predetermined inconclusive polls, social engineering, intimidation and all form of political hooliganism thus, considering what has played out between Senator Dino Melaye and Senator Smart Adeyemi in the last two political dispensation, one won’t be wrong if he or she says, “Senator Smart Adeyemi is a serial Loser to distinguished Senator Dino Melaye.

Sani Michael Omakoji
Public Affair Commentator
Writes From The City Centre
Abuja – Nigeria


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