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Kogi Deputy Governor Gifts Brand New Car At The Igala Entertainment Summit.

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The maiden Igala entertainment summit which held today in Ayingba, Dekina LGA saw several stakeholders of Igala extraction in the entertainment industry in attendance.

The summit availed stakeholders of the opportunity to brainstorm on the way forward for the industry in Igala land.

The Deputy Governor who was unavoidably absent but represented by his SSA Political Matters (Hon. Felix Solomon Omachoko) admonished the industry players to prioritize it to make it commercially viable.

Excepts of His Excellency’s speech

“I want to commend the initiator and organisers of this summit.

I want to also thank all Igala artists home and away for making the great Igala kingdom proud.


Before Government, I have always supported the Entertainment industry over and over. I know of no less than 20 persons of Kogi that can attest to these support. My support isn’t only in Naira and kobo but time, energy, presence and network.

I shall continue to do that as well even after Government.


The vehicle gift is from GYB through me

We must remain grateful to attract more.

Entertainment is one very important life recipe and spice that must be taken seriously at all times.

It is big business globally. Hence, we must recreate our strategy to see it as what it is – Business. It’s no charity, it’s not voluntary activity. It’s a business that potential investors would want Return on Investment not stories, not excuses. We are are in a Global village. And we can’t isolate our selves and thrive. Strategy must be – Synergy, Packaging and creativity.

Regional or dialectical entertainment groups is not peculiar to Kogi State or the Igala kingdom alone. Go to South East, South West, Northern parts of the country etc, they have theirs.

In all these areas and parts of the country, entertainment is seen and seriously taken as an individual business.


And most of them are thriving so much in it.

I have three (3) advise for us……….

(1). Commercialize the Entertainment industry
in Kogi State: No good business will stand the test of time without a solid financial foundation. It makes no sense struggling to mobilize resources to make production and at the end, the profit on it is not sustained. How do you hope to keep the business flowing?

The major problem I noticed is; whenever our people want to put up an entertainment show, the struggle for finance becomes obvious.

We will begin to go from pillar to post in search of help. I tell you most assuredly, no business can grow that way.

Draw a line between business and pleasure.

Prioritize the former (business). And that way, you will not perpetually be at the mercy of anyone.

(2). Preach Love & Peace: let love lead in all our affairs. We are all created equal by God Almighty. No man is created inferior to the other.

We must give serious attention to our lines especially in movies.

We must let Nigerians and the world at large know that we are accommodating, peace loving, tolerant and liberal. That way, people of other ethnic extraction may pick interest in sponsoring us to the world scene. Peace is a panacea to growth.

(3). Develop strong and responsible contents:
a good product is seen through the contents.

If the contents of your entertainment line does not conform to African way and values, then you run the risk of having limited patronage.

All three (3) short and brief advise are given in good intention.

If you inbibe these, you will sure hit the pinnacle of your career in entertainment.

In summary, let’s act local but think global.

Go and excel the world is your race track.”

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