Ben Bruce Advices the President on How to Reduce Crime and Unemployment in Nigeria

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Ben Bruce speaks on the situation of Nigeria and how to tackle it.

As unemployment reduces, crime also reduces. Crime is just absence of employment and presence of mischief. Just like shadows disappear at the presence of light, so does crime disappear at the presence of employment. Educate and provide employment in Nigeria, and you reduce crime. Ben Bruce.

Ben Bruce also advised the president M.Buhari to Invest in education, not just in anti corruption. Instead of throwing people in jail, remember that he who opens the doors of a school, closes the doors of prisons. It is sad that you have built not ONE school. Not even one. Yet you want crime to end?

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If we don’t create the right atmosphere for KIDS who leave school to get jobs, why then should we be surprised when they engage in KIDNAPPING? This is a matter of cause and effect. People don’t kidnap because they are evil. Kidnapping is a poverty induced crime. Solve the poverty.

Ben Bruce is Common Sense Advocate, Founder, Silverbird Group. Author of A Commonsense Revolution. Businessman and Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Unemployment Reduces, Crime also Reduces – Ben Bruce

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