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Destiny And Humanity: The Gov Yahaya Bello Story

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Amongst all other birds, we find the eagle bold, strong, courageous, fiercely devoted and soars higher in turbulent terrains.

Eagles comes in all shapes and sizes but you will recognize them chiefly by their “altitudes”. Amongst all other admirable traits, an eagle is committed, reliable and a devoted parent. An eagle has sharp, keen eye sight and hows how to fly efficiently by riding the thermal currents of the earth.

This bird dwells on the rocks in “high places” and his confident to fly “alone” and stand alone in life when necessary and to also be strong against all forms of storms, spreading its wings and soaring above the clouds and storms of destructions.

The strength and courage of the eagle distinguishes it from all other birds, that is H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the executive Governor of Kogi State.

Looking at the initial emergence of H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello as the Executive Governor of Kogi State, it was purely a case of the fingers of God on a destiny as in the annals of history in the democracy of the nation, it’s hard to believe that someone who just lost an highly competitive governorship primaries would still come back to become the duly sworn in candidate of the same party and election. This can only be facilitated through destiny.

All through his first tenure, he was confronted with a barrage of disbandances ranging from his attempt to restore quality reforms in the state civil service with a view of getting rid of ghost workers that has encumbered the entire state civil service. Of course, this was successful but generated a lot of negative press from the aged long beneficiaries of the porous system being operated before the coming of H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.


After scaling those hurdles came the series of litigations emanating from party men and the opposition challenging his candidacy and also the validity of the electoral processes that brought GYB to office.

This various litigations dragged for long almost into the preparations for the second term in office but in all it was victory all through of course not without consistent peddling of falsehood on a daily basis by those who were bent on making the state un-governable for GYB. It is either today GYB had an accident or tomorrow he has been flown abroad. All this made him to develop a very thick skin while making serious efforts to better the lives of Kogites through various programs and developmental efforts.


H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello weathered all the heavy storms flying against strong and violent tides and ended up clinching the Guber ticket of the APC in the November 2019 Guber polls against wicked rumours that he was going to be disqualified and denied of the party ticket.

GYB went ahead to win the main elections with a very wide margin that the opposition parties involved found difficult to comprehend as it was a state wide massive turn out.

Then starts another around of legal fireworks by those who felt the victory belonged to them. Destiny again saw GYB through right from the tribunal stage up to the Supreme court that was concluded less than a week ago.

For those who knows how destiny works, you will truly understand it was the hands of God at work.

The kindness of humanity was however present in the life of H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello for so many reasons. The number of destinies he has shaped and the generations he has been able to impact in a little while.

The numerous prayers of Kogites that has benefitted from his goodwill either directly of through his lieutenants can never go unanswered.


This is a big lesson to all that are not quick to identify a destiny being moulded in progress and chose the path to fight what God has ordained.

H.E Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello was truly a destiny being fulfilled and he soared high like an eagle.

– Hon Abdulwakil Olorunjuwon Sule.
Senior Special Assistant Culture to the Governor of Kogi State.

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