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No Controversy On Status Of PDP Vice Chairman Kogi West Office

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It is in the public domain that someone is been congratulated on social media as purportedly to have been appointed as the PDP Vice chairman, Kogi West.

Ordinarily, it could have been overlooked with a wave of hand as mere social media stunt but for the unsuspecting great members of our party and the public at large, the record needed to be put straight.

As it stands today, Honourable Prince Benson Omofe is the duly appointed PDP Vice chairman for Kogi West to serve out the tenure of his deceased predecessor, in accordance with the PDP constitution.

This is to serve a note of caution to all those parading themselves as been appointed thereof and their cronies peddling such fake news of another appointment to serve their whims and caprices not to cause disunity in our great party.

Further act of misrepresentation,
misinformation and interpolation would not be condoned as the protection of the law of the land will be sought.

Consequently, whoever is wishfully parading himself directly or indirectly is hereby advised to desist and respect the status quo.


It is the interest of our great party that we all should respect the decision of the party.

– Prince Benson Omofe
PDP Vice Chairman (Kogi West)

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