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The Attah Throne And Igala King Makers

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I want to call on the the attention of Igala King makers to kindly borrow ideas from the recent appointment of the Emir of Zazzau, Kaduna State. The King makers where fair and just in their recommendation of Alhaji Ahmed Nuhu Bamali as 19th emir of the Kingdom after 100 years of the ruling house.

In a similar development, the Aju Ameacho ruling clan has not ascended the thrones for over 100 years. It was on record that Oguche Akpa was the last Attah Igala from the clan between 1911 – 1919 being the 18th Attah from Ayegba – Ameacho Dynasty.

Atta Oguche Akpa’s influence was limited to the present Ofu, Igala Mela/Odolu, Idah and Ibaji local government as a result of an attempt to vulcanized the Igala Kingdom way back. The situation did not go down well with him hence he planned and executed the Igala rebellion of 1916-17. He did this from a distance as he feared the colonial officers.

This rebellion was sometimes called the MAHIONU war. Attah Oguche Akpa organised the rebellion with the co-operation of Prince Atabo Ijomi, (who succeeded him as the Attah Igala in 1919), Amanabo Ogili (who later became the Amanata during the reign of Obaje Ocheje, and the Chief Priest of Mahionu spirit.

The result of the rebellion was the reunification of the Igala Kingdom in 1918, and the creation of Igala Native Authority later the same year.

Attah Oguche Akpa was the first Attah Igala to rule the Igala Kingdom after the reunification. He appointed Prince Atabo Ijomi as the first district head of Ugwolawo to reward him for his role during the Igala rebellion of 1916-17. He created districts and gago areas in the Kingdom. He died in 1919.


By Law, there are Four Ruling Houses of the Atta Igala Dynasty namely;
1. Aju Ameacho
2. Aju Akogu
3. Aju Akwu
4. Aju Ocholi
In that order of rotation contained in the gazette.

The Aju Ameacho has produced 4 Attas, and ruled last in 1919 with Opaluwa Oguche Akpa as Atta (101 years ago).


Aju Akwu has produced 5 Attas, ruled last in 2012 with Aliyu Obaje (8 years ago) Aju Akogu has produced 5 Attas and ruled last in 1926 with Atta Atabo Ijomi (94 years).

Aju Ocholi has produced 6 Attas with the last which is Micheal Idakwo Ameh which ruled last in 2020 (0 year) By equity, fairness and Justice the Aju Ameacho clan is number 1 in the rotation but has produced only 4 Attas compared to others.

Ameacho clan is the only clan that has stayed longer without producing an Atta (101 years).

The reigns of Ameacho, Onuche, Okoliko and Oguche Akpa had brought immense development and unification to the entire Igala Kingdom. The processes and procedures of ascending the Attah thrones has been gazetted in 2015 by the then Executive Governor of Kogi State to avoid any forms of rancor and hatred amongst the various dynasty.

I want to call on the King makers to critically study the documents without fear or favor to put an end to deprivation, social inequalities and abuse of Igala history and tradition.

– Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko
Anyigba, Kogi State.

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