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The All Progressives Congress (APC) Local Government primaries election in Bassa has come and gone.

As it is in almost all other Local Government Areas in Kogi State, there are dissenting voices on the choice of standard bearers for APC. This is normal in politics or else it is not politics. As we all know politics is about personal and collective interest and this of course has made politics dynamic and robust over the ages

In Bassa Local Government, we must thank God that dissenting voices did not go awry. In some Local Government Areas vehicle were destroyed beyond repairs. Bassa Local Government played the game maturely.

As it is today, the House of Assembly member representing Bassa constituency, Hon. Ranyi Daniya is the highest political office holder in Bassa.

If things are good in Bassa APC, it is Hon. Daniya, if it is bad it is Hon. Daniya. Uneasy lye the head which wears the crown, you may say.

It is pertinent herein to state that for those who lost the councillorship, Vice Chairmanship slot or the big masquared – the Chairmanship slot, there is the dire need to give peace a chance.


I have been in politics for a little while. In 2013 i even contested the Akakana/Ayede councillorship slot and lost to my dear brother -the only Bassa Federal Republic Senator. But i summoned courage and moved on.

I believe happenings in life is about time.


Even if you are hiding in the thick forest like the good shepherd Biblical David, when your time comes you will be traced and dusted off for the highest political position in the land. It happened to my dear brother who was recently sweating in the squalor of Radio Kogi FM newsroom but in a flash elevated to the position of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s Director of Protocol. He is there smiling today and we are all happy for him.

Bassa political folks, no one can stop your political elevation. Hon. Ranyi Daniya can’t.

But like the Holy Bible did say – “Time and seasons happens to everything under the earth.” When your due season do come, you
will be politically elevated sweatlessly. Sir/Ma, no Jupiter on earth can stop it. I am cocksure of this.

We appeal to all Bassa APC family to remain firm and resolute in moving the party forward. United we shall continue to stand, we can’t afford a divided house.

Hon Ranyi Daniya is for all Bassa APC family and beyond. Let’s keep supporting him for a great Bassa land.

Yea. Bassa land is great!!!


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