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1. You may not be given your
dream course; dream in your
given course.
2. As a newly admitted student, admit that you
need help.
3. Believe in yourself.
4. Identify your weakness early
and start to work on yourself.
5. Do not be in haste to make
friends. This is one of the biggest decision you will make as a newly admitted student.
So, choose friends with your eyes open.
6. Be determined to be the best.
7. Ask questions about the school you are admitted into.
8. Don’t be a people pleaser
9. Align your goals and ambition.
10. Begin to set target.
11. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t pass
the course.
12. It is possible to be on first
class. Don’t be deceived by
senior students.
13. First class is easy to make. It
is very easy to achieve.
14. Be consistent in your study.
15. Take risks early.
16. Look for a mentor.
17. Don’t gossip lecturers.
18. Don’t give up on hard work.
19. It is too early to start a relationship. Give it some time.
20. Avoid distractions from the
opposite sex.
21. The exams should not be
close before you start preparing.
22. Even as a newly admitted student, Aim to be the best in your class.
23. Live life offline. Don’t be too
addicted to social network.
24. Learn something new every
25. Always attend classes.
26. Ask questions in class.
27. Focus your energy on what creates the desired result of your life.
28. Improve your brains and minds everyday.
29. Don’t just study to pass
exams, study to understand things about life.
30. Have a strong reading habit.
31. Do not disappoint your parents, be a good
value for their money.
32. Avoid distractions from senior students.
33. Avoid people who have the
same weakness with you.
34. Prepare study time-table
and follow it sequentially.
35. Don’t use secondary school reading pattern. Upgrade!
36. If nobody motivates you,
motivate yourself.
37. It is too early to blame
people. Stay focused.
38. Don’t be too occupied with religious activities.
39. Listen actively in class.
40. Think critically
41. Aim to understand.
42. Write down your goals.
43. Be discipline.
44. Your parents may not be
there, it doesn’t guarantee you
to misbehave.
45. Don’t hang around with the
opposite sex in ungodly hours.
46. Learn through trial and error.
47. Focus on quality.
48. Read motivational and inspiration books
49. Manage your time.
50. Always visit this site for important updates.


51. You alone are to blame for
your failure.

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