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Kogi Election: Sani Michael Omakoji Gave A Heartfelt Expression

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#KogiElection: I am super proud I won with the people!

I didn’t end my demand for good governance on social media but I also participated in Kogi Nov 16 gubernatorial election.


Perhaps, instead of election as expected, it was an executive rigging where security agencies were in accomplices by allowing thugs in cloned uniforms free movements and operation with access to prepare results and serially different ballot papers.


To go nuclear with rigging, helicopter as reported by Barrister, Emeje Aruwa was used in Lokoja the state capital to teargas and shoot sporadically at innocent electorate thereby creating voters apathy where PDP would have won overwhelmingly.



Fictitious figures were cooked from Okene, Adavi and Okehe in favour of APC by INEC in order to aid Bello’s unmerited victory!



Recall that I once stated on this platform that INEC is an extension of APC but many doubted me and took my postulation for granted.


While the rest of the world laugh at Nigerian democracy being debased and ridiculed in Kogi by some Desperadoes, #CNN has described Bello’s rigging through helicopter as “the biggest electoral fraud in the history of the world that must be recognized by guinness book of record “.


Wao! what a remark by CNN!


As I salute the sincere patriotic who lost their lives in the cause of this struggle, let me state that may their spirits hunt the sponsors of their killers; as it is a common saying that those who live by the gun shall die by the gun!


Having seen the end of Atiku’s legal tussle with Buhari, I won’t give myself false hope on a Judiciary that is on a live support which delivers judgement on electoral issues like this on ‘instruction’.


As you can see in the picture below,

I won with the people for Engr Musa Wada of PDP and I am super proud I stood with the people till the end even though the result of my polling unit was later changed at gun point in favour of APC.


It is unfortunate that election which is the process of choosing a leader is now an avenue to war at the electorate, killing innocent people and avenue for destruction of property.


Most disheartening is the fact that, INEC has winner before election but still allowed people to waste transport fares to their polling units, face untimely death, and also waste their precious time.


At this point, let me sincerely thank those patriotic who share the same ideology of good governance with me and I promise to heart them till eternity.


To the entire good people of Kogi state, I urged you to keep ‘FATE’ with God as HIS ways differ from that of human.


Finally, let me assure you that while we continue to experience accidental leadership that has no human face in this part of the world, I shall continue to stand on the path of the people no matter the social engineering.

Shalom and remain blessed!
Sani Michael Omakoji


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