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Publisher Policy

Kogi State News is a news paper site that reports kogi news only.
This site is open for everyone to share any news that have to do with Kogi State.
Publishers of this site is responsible for anything he / her share on this site.
The following contents are not allowed on this site:
1. Adult contents: contents that contains adult materials is not allowed here. Eg sex photos.
2. Shocking Contents: dont share any contents that is not good for human consumption eg, accident photos, pictures showing blood. Such contents are not allowed.
3. Abusive Words: all contents on this site must be friendly. No hatful speech or harmful speech.

We have the right to change any of this policy at any time. All publishers are encouraged to keep this policy. You are responsible for any outcomes of any materials you share on this site. If you agree with the terms and conditions, go ahead and register to start sharing your news.

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